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//What is a habit?

What is a habit?

Why change is so hard ?

The common question people normally ask is, why changing a habit is so hard?
How do you do it?
So what is a habit?
why we keep doing the same habits even we don’t like it?.

A habit is a redundant set of automatic unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that acquired through repetition. Habit is something when you have done something so many times that your body (unconscious mind) literally knows how to do it better than your (consciousness) mind. So when your body knows how to do it better than your mind then we can call it as a habit. By the time when we are 35years old, we are a set of memorized unconscious programs and the body is doing the job and mind is unconscious.

When there is a problem in people’s life or crisis or trauma etc., this event sometimes causes people to feel so differently than normal themselves. That is the moment they can finally see themselves through the eyes of somebody else. That moment in neuroscience is called Metacognition. This is the moment where we start paying attention to how we think?.

We start thinking about what we are thinking of?.

We start noticing how we are acting?

How we are speaking?

We start becoming aware of the emotions that we live by and the moment you start observing those states of mind and body then now you can notice that you are no longer that unconscious program. Now you are the consciousness observing the program. And now we begin to objectify our subjective self. In other words, we can’t read the label of a bottle when you are inside the bottle. You have got to get out of the bottle to be able to see who you are. So most of people wait for the moment (painful, suffering, worthless, etc) where they feel so bad they could finally think and begin to make an effort to change.

The Reason For Not Changing Is The Pain Is Not Enough




My question is WHY to wait..?

Why not to just start creating a future every moment…?

Why not to just start to begin to think differently…?

Why not to just start to begin to act differently…?

Why not to just start to begin to feel differently…?

If you do this enough time then that becomes the new Habit…

You can learn and change in a state of suffering, or you can learn and change in a state of joy

-‏‎Dr. Joe Dispenza-


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