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//Decoding Your Life

Decoding Your Life

Feeling to thinking and thinking to feeling !

Recently one of my friends called me and asked: why is my life always with problems, you are a hacker right, so you just tell me how can I hack my life for better ??
I asked him what happened?
He told, do you know what happened today?

I couldn’t sleep yesterday night properly, and I woke up with a heavy headache.

I said: very good, if you don’t sleep properly then definitely you will get a headache.

He said: just listen, let me finish.

I said: ok you continue, he continued.

I woke up with a severe headache and obviously woke up late. Then when I walked through my room I felt as if Something pierced onto my foot, when I checked it was tiny pieces of glass. And slowly it started bleeding, then I identified that the room floor was entirely sticky too. Then another roommate said that’s the job of Tom (not the real name). That morning a bottle of jam had fallen from Tom onto the floor and had broken… 😩

I was in pain and anger, and When I went to pick up the broomstick and dustpan, they were sticky too due to jam. And I realized that Tom had definitely done some adjustments in cleaning, as he is the man of adjustments. 😀

Then my pressure went up and now my foot is broken and the dirty floor and the dirty broomstick and dustpan.

Then I went to the washroom and cleaned the broomstick and dustpan and then I swept and wiped the room. Due to all these stuffs, I was late to office.

Why these kinds of negative things happening to me?
Even though Tom made the mistake, he reached the office on time but I’m late and I’m suffering.

Aren’t you the one who says about great-great laws of attraction? Tell me, why am I attracted to such negative things?

Very interesting question, I said.
In order to decode this executed program, we need to know what are the programs you executed before that incident.

Then I asked him to tell me what happened yesterday? How was the day?
He said: it was as usual.

Me: Then why did you say that you didn’t sleep properly?

He: that is actually, my wife told x,y,z, like this, like that.

Me: so?

He: so I felt bad, I felt unworthy, I felt I’m not enough, I was really emotionally low.

Me: then?

He: then I started thinking about, why she is saying like this always, she doesn’t understand me, she doesn’t care about me, daily I’m going to work to fulfill mine and my family need, but still, she is not understanding me..etc.

and similar multiple styles of thoughts were running in my mind. So I couldn’t sleep.

Me: so now you got the answer to your question? , Why are you attracted to negative thoughts in your life?
Because you felt unworthy, you felt you are not enough, these negative emotions (these lower frequency vibrations) trigger you to think in that way, because feelings in your body can trigger the thoughts in your mind. Feelings are languages of your body and thinking is the language of your brain.

When you feel unworthy or victim of something then your body’s feeling chemicals trigger your brain to think the same way of how you are feeling.

Then you start thinking about past incidents and conflict talks you had with your wife:- here feelings triggers your thinking of the past.

Now, this present thinking and past thinking together create chemicals in your body to feel more and more of unworthiness:- now these unworthiness feelings will make you generate more and more unworthy thoughts, and then it will create more and more unworthy feelings.

This is called the thinking to feeling and feelings to thinking loop.

As we know thinking is the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body.

Here I would like to share a quote by a famous scientist ” Nikola Tesla”

“If you want to find the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”


so everything is made up of energy that vibrates at a certain frequency.
Unworthiness is a feeling, this feeling is an emotion, Emotion is energy.

our subconscious mind is made of patterns and programs and these programs are vibrating on a certain frequency, like unworthiness, anger, sadness, happiness, etc.

so if you create similar frequencies like unworthiness or happiness or any other kinds of frequency then you start to attract similar frequency things.

this is happening to us, right?
See, now I’m writing this article and this article’s information was already available in this universe before, even before my birth. But some of you know this already or some of you may be new to this concept. When our energy (my energy, your energy, and this article energy) matches, we get to read this. There will be many people who receive this article as a blog post or forward a message and they might skip this article without reading, which means their energy and my energy doesn’t match, there is nothing wrong with it, It’s just the energies are not matching that’s it.

So when we start developing a certain frequency then we start attracting,
when we have a thought like, no I can’t bear this anymore, I need to develop my skills, I have to learn about relationships, then suddenly maybe if you get this article or I have to learn and improve my communication skills, then someone told you there is a group of people who are interested in that, then you start attending their sessions. If still, you are reading this, then, believe me, our energies are matched, yes we are attracted by each other.

What do you think?

Now we know everything is energy. when we have a thought, according to neuroscience, actually there are neuro firings happening.

There’s an old saying in neuroscience: “neurons that fire together wire together.” This means that the more you run a neural circuit in your brain, the stronger that circuit becomes.

So your thoughts are electrical signals which transmit to The Universe and feelings are the magnetic fields that attract the events to you.

If I borrow words from my favorite human being, my coach or a person who did lots of influence in my life is Dr.Joe Dizpenza, he said:

” Thoughts sends the signal out and feeling draws the event back to you “




So when you had thought of unworthiness and about your wife saying this, and that, then you are sending the signal out to The Universe. And then these thoughts create feelings in your body, that feelings draw or attract that event back to you.

So when we try to decode what had happened with you, is maybe because of this, I hope it is clear now.

He said, yes mahroof, I can relate to what you said.

so, now the conclusion is, generate +ve energy in your life so that you can attract +ve things, events, and people. Same way how you are attracted to read this article. Generate the energy of Bliss, love, compassion, etc. So that you can attract happy, lovely, and compassionate people Into your life.

Mahroof CM Author
I am a passionate technology lover, computer hacker and an IT professional who started career as a main trainer of Crime and Criminal Network Tracking System by Indian Police, also worked with Malayalam Film industry to reduce piracy and cybercrimes. Now one of my mission is to transform people`s life just like how I hack computers.
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